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Released on: May 14, 2018

The Alf Plugin version 18.5 provides better user interface integrationperformance improvement and new features.

Migrating from Version 18.5 beta

If you have been using an 18.5 beta version of the Alf Plugin, any Alf projects created using the beta version will still work with the 18.5 production version of the plugin. if you have been using the 18.5 beta2 version, then the main thing you will notice about the production version is the improved user interface integration. If you have been using the original 18.5 beta version (or the even older 18.4 beta version), then you will also see significant performance improvements in the Alf compiler.

User Interface Integration

The Alf editor window is now a dockable project window. Open it using Windows > Alf and select any model element with an Alf body to edit the Alf text in the window.

The Alf Editor Window

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Performance Improvements

(The following Alf Compiler improvements were first introduce in version 18.5 beta2 of the Alf Plugin.)

The Alf Compiler will no longer automatically load the Action Language Profile or the Alf Library into a project with no Alf code. Instead, you can use the Tools > Alf > Load Library command to explicitly convert a non-Alf project into an Alf project. It will also no longer initiate an automatic build when no Alf code actually needs to be recompiled, which previously resulted in the insertion of spurious Build Alf sessions into the undo buffer.

The Alf Compiler is now based on v1.1.0 of the Alf Reference Implementation, which allows for significant improvement in the performance of the parsing of Alf text. Simply parsing and checking Alf text in the Alf editor also no longer results in Check Alf sessions being inserted into the undo buffer (compiling and saving Alf text is still undoable).

The Activities and other Elements generated from Alf compilation are no longer saved together in a common $$Auxiliary Elements package, which made the 18.5 beta version of the Alf Plugin difficult to use with Teamwork Server and Teamwork Cloud. Instead, generated Elements are stored in the project containment hierarchy as close as possible to the Element with the Alf body from which they were generated.

To update an Alf project created with a version of the plugin older than v18.5 beta2, do a clean compile. All Alf code will be recompiled using the new scheme, and the $$Auxiliary Elements package will be removed from the project.

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New Features

You can now import Alf units from external files into an existing or new project. (Note that exporting Alf is not possible at this time.)

Imported Alf Code

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Open API

The Alf Plugin now includes an Open API that you can use to compile and import Alf code when developing a new MagicDraw plugin.

Learn mode about the Alf Open API >>

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