Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP1 Documentation

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To be able to publish projects to Cameo Collaborator, you need to install:

  1. One of the following No Magic's model editors:
  2. Install Cameo Collaborator Publisher Plugin 18.0 SP1.


To install Cameo Collaborator Publisher Plugin

  1. Start your model editor.
  2. From the Help menu, select Resource/Plugin Manager.
  3. In the open dialog, click the Check for Updates button and confirm your decision by clicking Check.
  4. Expand Plugins (no cost) and click to select the check box near Cameo Collaborator Publisher.
  5. Click the Download / Install button.
  6. When you receive the message that the plugin installation is successful, click OK.
  7. Restart your model editor.


You are ready to publish projects to Cameo Collaborator.