Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP1 Documentation

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Navigation menu opens after you click/tap on the title bar of the published project page. The commands on the menu are described in the following table.

CommandSelect to...
Dashboard →Get back to your personal dashboard at Alfresco Community.
FeedbackOpen a blank email message from your personal email account to write a feedback for the Cameo Collaborator development team.
HelpOpen the home page of the Cameo Collaborator documentation.
Log outLog out of Cameo Collaborator (Alfresco Community).


Plus, if the published project has views, their names appear on the navigation menu as well. The following figure displays the views of the SysML Portal project on the navigation menu.

Switching views in the SysML Portal project

Clicking/tapping a view name on the menu switches to appropriate view of the published project.