Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP1 Documentation

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After the author shares the published project, the reviewer can start the review of this project version and give feedback to the author. If the reviewer is going to provide the feedback, he must be an authenticated user of Cameo Collaborator.

Workflow of published project review. Third step - reviewing project and providing feedback

The feedback can be provided in a form of textual and graphical comments. Textual comments can be given on any element (including its properties of the Standard mode), while graphical comments can be attached to diagrams, maps, and matrices.

  Graphical comment on diagram

To review and provide feedback on project

  1. Log on to Cameo Collaborator, unless you want to review a publicly shared content.
  2. Open the published project you need to review.

    You may be asked to log on to Cameo Collaborator. Type user name and password for logging on to the server and click or tap Login.

  3. Do the following:
  4. When you finish, inform the author so that he/she could react to the feedback.