Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP2 Documentation

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This is the home page of Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP2 documentation.

Getting Started

Cameo Collaborator helps team members to review their work by connecting model authors, reviewers, and stakeholders on the web. Cameo Collaborator has unique capabilities that allow graphically commenting models instead of providing just textual feedback, and supports review workflows.

Cameo Collaborator is based on Alfresco Community capabilities. In addition, it empowers the collaboration on projects published from No Magic's model editors, such as MagicDraw or Cameo Systems Modeler.

Cameo Collaborator cannot be used on touch screen devices because it does not support touch screen gestures.

You can also get a quick start in the product page!


Cameo Collaborator architecture

User Guide

Introduces the main features of Cameo Collaborator and provides guidelines on how to use it.

Administrator Guide

Provides instructions on how to apply a new license key, encrypt the connection between the server and clients, configure SSO, increase JVM heap size for Cameo Collaborator, and many more tasks of administrator.

Installation, Startup, and Upgrade Guide

Guides through the installation, configuration, startup, and upgrade process of Cameo Collaborator as well as gives the instructions on how to install Cameo Collaborator Publisher Plugin.