Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP4 Documentation

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If you use Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP3 or an earlier version of the software, you do not need to re-install it to access the 18.0 SP4 version features. Simply upgrade the current version of Cameo Collaborator to Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP4.



If you want to upgrade your software from Cameo Collaborator 18.0 Alpha or Alpha 2, you must uninstall Alfresco Community 5.0.a (configured for Cameo Collaborator 18.0 Alpha or Alpha 2), install Alfresco Community 5.0.d or Alfresco Community 201605 (recommended), and configure it for Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP4. All projects and users from the previous version will be unavailable in the new installation.


To set up the upgrade procedure, go to the Download Cameo Collaborator page and download the following files:

  • cameo-collaborator-share-18.0.sp4.amp
  • cameo-collaborator-repo-18.0.sp4.amp

Upgrading Cameo Collaborator to 18.0 SP4

In order to upgrade your Cameo Collaborator version to 18.0 SP4, you need to replace specific .amp files in the Alfresco Community installation directory, and then execute the command from the command-line interface to apply these files.


To upgrade Cameo Collaborator to Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP4

  1. Stop Cameo Collaborator if it is running.

    1. Open <Alfresco Community installation directory>, and double-click the manager-windows.exe file.
    2. In the open dialog, click the Stop All button.
  2. Go to <Alfresco Community installation directory>\amps_share, e.g., C:\alfresco-community\amps_share, and delete cameo-collaborator-share-<version number>.amp file.
  3. Move the downloaded cameo-collaborator-share-18.0.sp4.amp file to that folder.
  4. Go to <Alfresco Community installation directory>\amps, e.g., C:\alfresco-community\amps, and delete cameo-collaborator-repo-<version number>.amp file.
  5. Move the downloaded cameo-collaborator-repo-18.0.sp4.amp file to that folder.
  6. Run the command-line interface.


    Ensure that you run the application as administrator.

  7. Using the command line, go to <Alfresco Community installation directory>\bin.
  8. In the command line, type apply_amps.bat and press Enter.

  9. Press Enter twice again when you are asked to do so.
  10. When the upgrade is finished, close the command-line interface.
  11. Start Cameo Collaborator.


Post-upgrade checklist

After upgrading Cameo Collaborator, complete the following tasks:

  • To be able to export comments to an MS Word document:
    1. In the main toolbar of the the Cameo Collaborator portal, click Repository and open the Collaborator folder.
    2. Use the Repository toolbar to create a new folder named Cameo_Collaborator_Template if such folder does not already exist.

    3. Download and move to that folder one of the following files (if the folder already contains a comments report file, replace it with one of the following files):
      CommentsReport_full.docx - to generate a report with images of commented items.
      CommentsReport.docx - to generate a compact comment report without images.
  • Ensure that all users clear the cache in their internet browsers, otherwise, updated icons may not be displayed. The procedure for clearing the cache depends on the internet browser being used.
  • Update all published projects by republishing them.

    Updating projects

    If you update a published project by republishing it, specify the same template that you used before. Otherwise you will not be able to navigate between comments and commented items.