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Cameo Collaborator 18.0 SP4 has been extended with the ability to display embedded information (e.g., simulation data) in a published project, define the portal home page, show diagram documentation, and more. These new features will allow you to present the most relevant model information to stakeholders, suppliers, or engineering teams.


Displaying Embedded Information in a Published Project

It is now possible to embed other HTML documents in Cameo Collaborator portal views. For example, you can include model simulation data in a portal by simply adding a Java script to the template that you use for publishing. The data added this way is not a plain image but a live plot, so you can explore the actual simulation values, or zoom the plot in and out without decreasing the resolution, as displayed below.

Simulation results displayed in the web environment.

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Portal Home Page

Now you can select the diagram to be displayed in the home page of the Cameo Collaborator portal. 

Selecting the diagram to be displayed in the home page of a portal.

Learn more about setting the home page of a project portal >>

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Documentation for Diagrams and Elements

Default templates for publishing have been enhanced to show the diagram documentation and package characteristics tables in all portals.

Diagram documentation displayed in a published project

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Other Improvements

  • The Requirements Document template has been improved and now does not show automatically generated hierarchical IDs in a published project.

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