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Released on: 2019-11-21

New capabilities
  • A «Self» property restriction is now available to specify that every member of a class must be related to itself by the restricted property.
  • Right-clicking on an element now offers menu items to freeze or unfreeze its IRI, which either prevents or allows automatically deriving the IRI from the package IRI and element name.

  • A Concept Modeling environment option now unlocks an experimental feature for exporting UML instance specifications as OWL individuals.
Model Understandability Improvements
  • An active validation now detects and offers to eliminate duplicative property restrictions.
  • A plain-English description of each anonymous class now appears in the containment tree, specification window, and diagram hover.
  • An easy-to-understand specification window now simplifies creating new property restrictions and editing existing ones.
  • Generalization set names no longer clutter diagrams.
  • Opening a project created by earlier versions now offers to remove generalization set names.
Usability Improvements
  • The Concept Modeling diagram palette now provides a button to create a property restriction.
  • The offer to freeze IRIs on export to OWL can now be suppressed and unsuppressed with a project option.
  • Concept Modeling project options are now categorized for easier discovery.
  • The property usages step of the information model transformation wizard is easier to interpret.
OWL import improvements
  • Sufficient conditions (i.e., the necessary and sufficient conditions of an anonymous subclass) are now supported.
  • Every Self property restriction is now imported as a «Self» property restriction.
  • Datatype property restrictions are now supported.
OWL export improvements
  • A  «Self» property restriction is exported as self property restriction.
  • An «Inverse Of» stereotyped dependency is now exported as an inverse object property axiom.
  • Association-owned property restrictions are now supported.
Bug fixes
  • UML primitives are no longer mapped to invalid XSD datatypes.
  • The information model transformation wizard no longer excludes generalizations.
  • Moving an element with a frozen IRI to a different model now shows a warning and keeps the IRI frozen.
  • Anonymous superclass intersections are now described.
  • Double-clicking the 'Click here' hyperlink for documentation that appears in a new project file now correctly opens the CCM manual.
  • Exporting a concept model in a used project to OWL no longer tries to update a read-only file export path.
  • Exporting a concept model that uses an association class defined in another concept model to OWL no longer fails.
  • Exporting a property restriction typed by «Anything» to OWL no longer emits an unqualified universal restriction.
  • Exporting an equivalence relationship with a class in another «Model» to OWL now creates the correct equivalent class axiom.
  • Exporting to OWL without write permissions now explains the failure.
  • Importing OWL ontologies no longer loses track of which ontology asserted an equivalence between an intersection and a class.
  • Importing a class that is a subclass of itself from OWL no longer results in an inconsistent UML model.
  • Importing a class that is disjoint with a union from OWL no longer deletes the corresponding «Disjoint With» dependency.
  • Importing a class that is equivalent to a union from OWL no longer makes the class equivalent to each member of the union.
  • Importing a property without an asserted domain from OWL now infers the domain from the range of its inverse.
  • Importing a set of disjoint classes from OWL will no longer be represented as a disjoint generalization set when some of the subclasses in the generalization set are not disjoint.
  • Importing an intersection containing a list of named individuals from OWL no longer fails to create an «Individual List» class.
  • Importing an ontology from OWL no longer incorrectly makes an element's IRI relative to its concept model's IRI.
  • Importing an ontology no longer causes a NullPointerException when updating a diagram.
  • Importing an updated label for a resource from OWL now correctly updates the corresponding model element.
  • Importing and then exporting an ontology now retains any existing XML namespace.
  • Importing or exporting a relationship between a datatype property and an object property now halts with an error message.
  • Renaming an element and then exporting to OWL no longer emits the previous label.
  • Undoing the drawing of a generalization now works correctly.
  • Drawing a UML generalization no longer uses the wrong line style.

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