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You can copy data from the MagicDraw’s Containment tree to DataHub Explorer or vice versa, or you can copy data within DataHub Explorer by dragging the source item to the target item. In order to do this, you need to have a Data Type and a Schema Map. If no default data type or auto schema map is found in the system, Cameo DataHub will ask you to do the mapping.

DataHub provides two types of schema mapping modes: (i) Individual Type Mapping and (ii) Group Type Mapping. The default mapping mode will be displayed in the Copy Data dialog but you can change the default setting through the Options dialog. If you do not want to change your default mapping mode, you can switch to the other type in the Copy Data dialog.

If you mapped a schema with the  mapping mode previously, DataHub will save this mode automatically and use it as the default mapping mode. You still can change the default mapping mode through the Copy data dialog.

DataHub also provides a default schema map template for mapping data. You can find the default schema map template under the IBM® Rational® DOORS® driver in the Schema Map Manager dialog. If you select a schema map template for mapping once, the next time you want to copy the same type of data, DataHub will use the template again for mapping data types and attributes if the to be copied data matches the default schema map template. For example, if you copy an object from DOORS data source to MagicDraw®, DataHub will automatically choose a SysML requirement node as the target type the next time you copy data to the MagicDraw® driver. However, you can change the default schema map template when necessary.

Copying data allows you to share data from one application to another and optionally synchronize them at the same time. There are several ways to copy data and DataHub categorizes them into three operation types:

  • Copy Data
  • Copy Data with Sync
  • Copy Data with DHTrace
  • Create DHTrace
  • Create OSLC Link


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