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There are two types of links supported by DataHub, DHLinks and DHTrace links. You can choose to copy data with DHLinks, with DHTrace links, and without any links.

To create a DHTrace link

  1. Select Create DHTrace option from the DataHub operations drop down box.
  2. Drag and drop a node from, say, a DOORS or a CSV data source onto the MagicDraw containment tree.
  3. A dialog confirming the DHTrace link has been created will be shown, as in the first figure below, and the DHTrace will appear on the DHLinks panel, as shown in the second figure below.
  4. The last two figures show the DHTrace link created between CSV data source items and MagicDraw. The presence of the links are indicated by the small half green square, as shown in the last two figures below.

    DHTrace Summary dialog - shows when you create a DHTrace 

    The newly created DHTrace in the DHLinks panel 




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