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Information about links between elements are arranged in a tabular form in the DHLink panel. This tab shows the details of all the links you have added to items from the DataHub operation box.

DataHub Link or DHLink maintains synchronization between source and target elements, either bidirectional or unidirectional.

To open the DHLink Panel in MagicDraw®

  1. Click Tools > DataHub > DHLink Panel
  2. The DHLink Panel will open, see figure below.

Data Sync in DataHub Link Tab

The DHLink Panel contains several icons and a table. Each node in the table has a shortcut menu called Actions menu that helps you manage the node and its relations.

The table below gives the description of each column of the table in the DHLink Panel.

Source by Source Driver nameThe source data source type and name
DirectionThe direction of DHLink synchronization.
Target by Target Driver nameThe target data source type and name.
Status The DHLink status that shows the status of the node, whether it is modified, moved, deleted or synchronized.
Property button columnThis column contains the Property button. Clicking it opens up the node’s properties panel.

You can click the Property button to open details of the Target node.


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