Cameo DataHub 18.2 Documentation

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The DataHub Properties tab shows the properties and associations of a selected node in the DataHub Explorer. You can update, delete, or open the following items in the DataHub Properties tab:

  • MagicDraw® elements
  • DOORS objects and modules
  • CSV items
  • IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation Artifacts

The DataHub Properties tab shows all property names and values of an item selected in DataHub Explorer.

To open the DataHub Properties tab in MagicDraw®

  1. Right-click a node in DataHub Explorer and click Properties. The DataHub Properties will open in MagicDraw®.
  2. Alternatively you can double-click the node in DataHub Explorer to open the properties tab.The selected item’s properties will be displayed.


The DHLink Panel will open whenever the DataHub Properties tab is open.

You can edit and save a property value in the DataHub Properties tab. Read-only and multivalued properties are not modifiable. However, you can edit a multivalued property through its Specifications dialog.

The table below explains the function of each icon in the DataHub Properties tab in MagicDraw®.

Categorized ViewTo show all property names by category.
Alphabetical ViewTo show all property names in an alphabetical order.
Show DescriptionTo show a description of each property.
ExpandTo show all property names and values.
CollapseTo hide all property names and values.
SaveTo save changes made to a property name or value. The button will be enabled when the value of a property changes.


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