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This DataHub operation type allows for data copy along with synchronization capabilities. Again, it is simply a matter of dragging a source node to a target.

To Copy Data with Sync from DataHub to MagicDraw® containment area

  1. First select Copy Data with Sync option from the DataHub explorer operation drop-down.
  2. In this case, we will be copying some requirement objects from DOORS to MagicDraw's containment area.
  3. Then, drag any node from DataHub explorer tree to the MagicDraw® containment area.
  4. The Copy Data with Sync dialog appears, and we choose  a mapping mode, say Group Type Mapping, so that you can map the source node types to target node types and source attributes to target attributes.
  5. The Formal Module is mapped to a MagicDraw® Package type and the sub-nodes are mapped to a business requirement object type.
  6. The result of the copy operation is as shown in figure below.

Drag and drop nodes to copy data with sync

Data type mapping is normally required when moving data across tools. If any data copying does not contain the DataHub pre-mapped template, DataHub will ask for additional mappings.


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