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To copy OSLC query results into MagicDraw® as SysML requirements, first you need to set up an IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation data source and then query the data source using OSLC query syntax. Once you have the query results you can copy them into MagicDraw® as SysML requirements.

To copy OSLC query results as SysML requirements

  1. From OSLC Query result pane, drag and drop the matched tree onto the MagicDraw® containment tree, see figure below.
  2. When the Copy Data dialog opens up, choose a Target type from the target type list as shown in the second figure below. Click OK.
  3. The result of the copy is as shown in the third figure below.

OSLC Query Editor Results

Copying OSLC query result as Extended Requirement


Result of exporting a DOORS Next Generation node

The OSLC Query editor operation modes are shown in the figure above.


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