Cameo DataHub 18.4 GA Documentation

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DataHub allows you to select default options for mapping type, filter, or synchronization through the General option.

To modify the DataHub General option

  1. Click Options > Environment from MagicDraw’s main menu. The Cameo DataHub Options dialog will open,  see figure below.
  2. Click the General category on the left-hand side.
  3. Edit the settings if necessary.
  4. Click OK.

DataHub environment options

The table below explains the general preferences in the Cameo DataHub Options dialog.

Synchronize data when
saving project
To enable automatic synchronization
with MagicDraw® whenever you save
a project.
Set the Group Type Mapping
as the default mapping
To set the default mapping to Group
Type Mapping by selecting the check
box when copying data.
Filter a MagicDraw data source
from DataHub Explorer
If this check box is checked, MagicDraw®
data sources will not be displayed in
DataHub explorer, and vice-versa.
Mapping Policy

This drop-down box lets you select
between different options to display
the mapping dialog.

They are as follows.

    • Always show the mapping dialog
    • Show mapping for elements
      without default mapping
    • Show mapping for elements
      that cannot be automatically
    • Treat no-default mapping
      element as exclude


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