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If you have data created in DataHub from version 17.0.2 to version 18.0, you need to migrate them to 18.4 using the Migrate DataHub menu item. Data from DataHub version 18.1 or later does not need any migration.

The current release of DataHub does not support data migration for Requisite Pro, Cameo Requirements+, and MagicRQ plugin data sources. The current release only supports data migration from DOORS and CSV data sources to MagicDraw® and vice versa, or from MagicDraw® to DOORS and CSV data sources. Either the source or target must be a MagicDraw® data source.


To migrate DataHub data do the following

  1. Open a MagicDraw® project. This can be a local or Teamwork project.
  2. Start DataHub explorer. Then, add all the data sources you would like to migrate and connect them.
  3. Click Tools > DataHub > Migrate DataHub from the MagicDraw® main menu. The Cameo DataHub Migration dialog will open (see the following figure).

    Migrate DataHub Dialog

  4. Choose either Select DataHub version to migrate or Select DataHub data folder to migrate. If you chose the former, select the DataHub version to migrate from the list. If you chose the latter, click the Browse button to locate the DataHub directory. On Windows, this is C:\Users\userdirectory\.datahub, and onLinux, it is /home/userdirectory/.datahub.
  5. Click the Migrate button in the Cameo DataHub Migration dialog.
  6. The DHLink from the older version of DataHub will be migrated to the current DataHub version.

  • Scope sync relations from previous DataHub versions will be migrated to Synchronized DHLink.
  • Sync Auto and Sync Manual relations will remain the same.
  • Trace relations from previous DataHub versions will be migrated as DHTrace.


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