Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin 18.4 Documentation

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Released on: July 29, 2016


Cameo Requirements Modeler in 18.4 introduces an innovative new way to parse your Requirements text into machine readable constraints. This new feature combined with  makes us confident that you will choose Requirements modeling in MagicDraw before any other option. Download it today at or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.



Extracting Requirement Values to Constraints




A new feature parses requirements text to automatically create Constraint Expressions. This ability allows MagicDraw's glossary mechanism to match commonly used phrases with mathematical constructs. For example, the text "not exceed 1500" of the Max Weight requirement is automatically transformed to the following Constraint "mass<=1500". This functionality works using specific condition phrases (e.g. less than, at least) that are defined in a requirements term glossary. Users can see this term glossary in the tool as well as define their own condition phrases.




Figure 1.  Shows  an example of the Extracting Constraints from Requirement process and how the constraint is constructed automatically.



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