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Cameo Systems Modeler 18.2 Documentation

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This is the home page of Cameo Systems Modeler documentation.

Cameo Systems Modeler is based on the award-winning MagicDraw modeling platform. The solution retains all the best diagramming, collaboration, persistence, and documentation capabilities while offering more customized capabilities tailored to systems engineering needs.

The documentation of Cameo Systems Modeler is a package that includes the documentation of these products and plugins:


Docs of other versions

MagicDraw Documentation

Introduces the main features of modeling tool: working with projects, UML 2 modeling and diagramming, collaboration capabilities, and many more core features.


SysML Plugin Documentation

Provides descriptions of SysML diagrams and elements, plus introduces SysML specific features as well as gives guidelines for building systems.


Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin Documentation

Guides you through the import, export, and management of SysML requirements.


Cameo Simulation Toolkit Documentation

Provides instructions on how to test the system reactions to user interaction or predefined testing data and execution scenarios.

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