Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer 18.0 SP2 Documentation

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There are two templates predefined in the program:

  • FMEA Project (Failure Mode Effects Analysis Project). Select this template if you need the reliability analysis only.
  • Safety and Reliability Analysis Project (FMEA Project included). Select this template if you need both - the FMEA and risk analysis.

Both template contains predefined packages and diagrams to start creating your risk analysis model. Usually, design, FMEA, Risk/Hazard Analysis, Safety Requirements packages are created.


To create a project from a template

  1. Do one of the following:
      • From the File menu, select New Project.
      • On the main toolbar, click the New Project button.
      • Press Ctrl+N.

    In all cases, the New Project dialog opens.

  2. In a left side of the dialog under the Safety and Reliability Analysis group, double-click the icon of a desired template. The project template with predefined tables, samples, and resources opens.
  3. Type a project name, specify a project location, and click OK when you are done. A new project opens.

Structure of Safety and Reliability Analysis project template

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