Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer 18.0 SP2 Documentation

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Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer 19.0 introduces several new features. These include linking Failure Modes to more design elements in the design phase of the modeling process, automatically generating FMEA items, validating table values and analysis completeness, and others.


Linking Failure Modes to Design Elements

Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer allows you to link Failure Modes to other model elements in the early stages of the modeling process. In addition to Actions (introduced in the previous version), Failure modes can now be linked to Blocks, Part Properties, Requirements, Operations and Activities. Foreseeing possible design-related Failure Modes and adding them to your model during the design phase speeds up the safety and reliability analysis performed afterwards.

Simply drag one or several Failure Modes from the model browser to the shape of a design element, and they will be automatically linked. In addition, the Failure Mode will be displayed in the compartment of that shape, and set as the value of the Failure Modes property of the related element.

In this Block Definition Diagram, the Display, Battery and Sensor blocks have specific Failure Modes linked to them.

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Automatic FMEA Item Generation

After linking Failure Modes to the design elements of your model, use these design elements as the source for automatic partial FMEA Item generation. Each Failure mode linked to a specific model element results in a new FMEA Item. Creating FMEA Items automatically saves time and helps avoid errors, because some properties, such as Item, Cause of Failure and Subsystem, are specified for you.

FMEA Items can be generated from:

  • Actions
  • Blocks
  • Part Properties
  • Requirements
  • Operations
  • Activities

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Improved Risk, Risk Reduction and FMEA Tables

The new version of the CSRA plugin adds several table improvements:

  • Now you can set one or more UseCases as the value of the Use Related column in Risk and Risk Reduction Tables.
  • In FMEA Tables, it's possible to set multiple values for the Final Effect of Failure, Prevention Control and Detection Control columns.

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Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer has been complemented with a validation suite. It allows to validate the table columns with the specific range of available values. Additionally, you can use the Configuration element of your model to specify the custom range of valid values for validation.

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