Cameo Simulation Toolkit 18.5 Documentation

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The simulation control panel for Web UI allows you to control a simulation directly from the Web UI using the Start, Pause/Resume, Step Into, Step Over, and Terminate buttons when no simulation window is used. These four buttons have the same functionality as those of the buttons on the simulation toolbar. You can move the toolbar on the browser as desired. The following figure shows the web UI mockup of the Calculator sample model.

 The Web UI control panel with the restart function.

The Add Control Panel option in the Specification window of the <<Simulation Config>> allows you to enable these buttons on the Web UI.

To enable the control panel buttons on the Web UI

  1. Double-click the <<SimulationConfig>> on the diagram pane to open its Specification window. 
  2. Select the Add Control Panel check box under the Web Server option. The value will change to true and the addControlPanel stereotype will be added in the <<SimulationConfig>>.


Enabling the Add Control Panel option in the Specification window of <<SimulationConfig>>.

You can start and stop the web server using the Start/Stop Web Server button on the simulation Console pane.

The Start/Stop Web Server button on thesimulation Console pane.


Sample model

The model used in the figures of this page is the Calculator sample model that comes with MagicDraw. To open this sample, either:

  • Download Calculator.mdzip.
  • Find it in the modeling tool <modeling tool installation directory>\samples\simulation\Calculator.mdzip.
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