Cameo Simulation Toolkit 18.5 Documentation

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Cameo Simulation Toolkit supports OpenModelica, an open-source Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment for industrial and academic use, to analyze and solve mathematical expressions. Integrating Cameo Simulation Toolkit with OpenModelica allows you to specify Modelica as the language of opaque expressions. Download OpenModelica from, install it, and set up your system to allow Cameo Simulation Toolkit to integrate with it.

After successful integration, Modelica will be listed where a language selection is available (e.g. Simulation Console pane, Constraint Block, and Environment Options > Simulation). Cameo Simulation Toolkit will be able to process a Modelica command from the Simulation Console pane (e.g. plot function).

Selecting Modelica in the Simulation Console pane as the language of opaque expressions in Cameo Simulation Toolkit.

Integrating with OpenModelica

To integrate with OpenModelica

  1. On the MagicDraw main menu, select Tools > Integrations. The Integrations window opens.

  2. Select OpenModelica and click .

  3. Select a home directory for OpenModelica from the OpenModelica directory selection dialog.

  4. Click  and restart the OS.

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