Cameo Simulation Toolkit 18.5 Documentation

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Discover all the new things available with the Cameo Simulation Toolkit 19.0. The upcoming version offers many new functionalities and improvements on security and administration, performance, and scalability. And please don't forget to give us your feedback on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

Support for Monte Carlo Simulation

Support for Monte Carlo simulation provides:

  • a config that automatically runs any other config more than one time, 
  • different distribution models, and 
  • random values initialization using the model.

Results from a running simulation can be recorded into a CSV file.

Figure 1: Running Monte Carlo simulation in CST.

Support for FMI 2.0 for Co-Simulation

CST has the capability to co-simulate FMU files version 2.0, represented as blocks in a SysML model. 

Figure 2: Simulating FMU blocks in CST.
Timelines Export to File

Use the Export button to export Timelines. Results are shown in the new Result File option in the configuration settings. The available file formats are CSV, PNG, and HTML.

Figure 3: The new capability to export a Timeline chart as a file. 
New MATLAB Java API for Integration

CST uses the new official MATLAB Engine (R2016b) Java API to ensure smooth integration with MATLAB.

Figure 4: MATLAB integration based on the new MATLAB Java API.
Support for Duration Constraints on Activities

CST supports duration constraints on Activities when the duration constraints on CallBehaviorActions do not exist. However, if constraints are put on both the Activities and CallBehaviorActions, only the CallBehaviorActions constraints will be used.

Figure 5: Support for duration constraints on Activities.
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