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Released on: August 18, 2017


Cameo Simulation Toolkit (CST) 18.5 SP2 fixes multiple small issues in simulation of time duration in concurrent threads of execution. Download it today at or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook. Also, please check the latest documentation and additional resources.

Key Issues Fixed in this Service Pack
  • Completion events handling and state activation display in composite states with multiple regions is improved. 

  • Timelines are improved in how they show transitions between states in different nesting levels.

  • Time steps less than 1ms are supported (by setting time step to 0.1 or similar)

  • New Matlab integration based on new Matlab Java API is added (for Matlab version 2016 and later).

  • Several cases when state invariants in sequence diagrams were evaluated too early or too late are fixed.

  • Rare image disappearing problem in animated user UIs is fixed.

  • Saving of nested value properties back to instance tables is fixed.

  • Lifeline selector support is added (for execution only, not recording).

You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own reported issues fixed in Cameo Simulation Toolkit 18.5 SP2. 
Note: You will be required to login. Use the same username and password as for

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