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In addition to the options that you have in the Import Enterprise Architect File dialog, several other conversion options exist in the MagicDraw Environment Options dialog.

The EA options in the Environment Options dialog.

The transformation options are classified into two groups: General and Activity element mapping.


The options available in the General group are the same as those in the Import Enterprise Architect Files dialog.

Activity element mapping option 

The Activity element mapping group provides options to convert the EA elements to other element types. The following table shows the Activity Element Mapping options.

Property nameFunction

Convert EA WriteVariableAction to

To convert EA WriteVariableAction to either AddVariableValueAction or RemoveVariableValueAction.

Convert EA WriteLinkAction to

To convert EA WriteLinkAction to either CreateLinkAction or DestroyLinkAction.

Convert EA WriteStructuralFeatureAction to

To convert EA WriteStructuralFeatureAction to either AddStructuralFeatureValueAction or RemoveStructuralFeatureValueAction.

To view the other Enterprise Architect Import options in the Environment Options dialog

  1. Click Options > Environment on the MagicDraw main menu to open the Environment Options dialog.
  2. Select Enterprise Architect Import from the tree menu on the left-hand side of the dialog. 
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