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Enterprise Architect Import Plugin allows you to import diagrams. The imported diagram information includes:

Geometry Properties

The geometry properties imported to MagicDraw are:

  • Positions on a diagram (for shape elements)
  • Width and height (for shape elements)
  • Path break points (for link elements)


Other display properties can override geometry information.For example, if an imported element width is shorter than the required width to display text on the element, the width will be adjusted automatically.

Color Properties

Color properties will be imported along with the diagrams to MagicDraw. Each color property has a different name in MagicDraw. The following table shows color properties mapping.


Fill color

Border color (for shape element)

Pen color

Font color

Text color

Line color (for link element)

Pen color

Display Properties

The display properties in EA can be categorized into three groups: shape, link, and diagram. Only those properties that correspond to MagicDraw will be imported. For example, the Show Diagram Details property in EA will be imported as the Show Diagram Info property in MagicDraw.


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