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The Enterprise Architect Import (EA) plugin will automatically load when you start MagicDraw. You can use it to import UML 2.1 XMI 2.1 to your modeling tool. 

Using the Enterprise Architect Import plugin to import files.

The following table describes the UI components of the Import Enterprise Architect Files dialog.

UI componentFunction

EA exported XMI: UML 2.1 (XMI2.1)

To specify an EA exported XMI file. You can click to select the file.

MagicDraw output filename (*.mdxml)

To specify a MagicDraw output filename. You can click to select the file.

Switch aggregation sideTo configure the aggregation switch-side. This option is recommended for XMI files exported from EA 7.1.
Exclude EA specific dataTo exclude all EA-specific data from being imported (see Transforming EA Specific Data to see a list of EA specific-data that can be transformed into UML elements with stereotypes).
Open project after conversionTo load the output project file once the conversion process has been completed.
Generate conversion log

To generate a conversion log and save it in the same folder as the MagicDraw output file. The same conversion information will also be displayed on the MagicDraw messages window.

To open the Import Enterprise Architect Files dialog

  • On the MagicDraw main menu, click File > Import From > Enterprise Architect UML2.1 XMI2.1 File to open the  Import Enterprise Architect Files dialog.

The Enterprise Architect Import plugin menu.

To import an EA project

  1. Either type an EA exported XMI file or click  to select the file.


    Enterprise Architect Import Plugin supports the EA XMI files exported with the option specified as: XMI Type = UML2.1(XMI 2.1).

  2. Either type a MagicDraw output filename or click  to select the file.
  3. Select the conversion options.
  4. Click  to start importing the file.
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