Excel Import Plugin 18.2 Documentation

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To create mapping between the Excel file contents and SysML requirements

  1. Click File > Import From > Excel/CSV File.
  2. Select the second option, Create Mapping as shown in the figure below. Click OK

    Excel Import Dialog - Create Mapping

  3. The Create Mapping wizard will open as in the figure above. Select the class from the right hand side pane, and click to proceed to the next step of the wizard, selecting target element. 

  4. Select SysML[SysMLProfile.mdzip] > Requirements > Requirement[Class], see figure above, and click  to proceed to the next step of the wizard.

  5. In this step of the wizard, we map the columns of the Excel file to SysML requirement properties, see Figure above. Notice, the column name from the Excel file has not been mapped yet, we will do that after exiting this wizard. 

  6. Step four of the Create Mapping wizard, see figure above, click to exit the wizard. 

    Result of Create Mapping step

  7. Now, we will add a connection between the requirement object and the property name. Right click the requirement object and select connector, and drag and point it to the name property. The diagram, after adding the connector will look as in figure below. 

    Adding a connector tomap requirement to property name


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