Excel Import Plugin 18.2 Documentation

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You can also use the Excel Import plugin to select the imported properties of the schema class and some properties of a UML element, a SysML element, or your own model, and map them on a mapping diagram. Excel Import can create a mapping diagram to represent the class mapping.

You can create a mapping diagram in either way:

  • Creating a Mapping Diagram when Importing a Schema Class
  • Creating a Mapping Diagram after Importing Schema Classes

You can map a schema class with a UML meta model by selecting the UML profile (UML2.5 or UML2.5 Meta Model with attributes.mdzip) as the target element. Once you have a class mapping, you can import data according to the mapping. For more information about importing data to a class mapping, see Importing Data to a Schema Class or Importing Data Through a Class Mapping.

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