Excel Import Plugin 18.5 Documentation

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The last and final step in importing requirements as SysML objects into MagicDraw from Excel is to import the data rows themselves.

To import data from Excel

  1. Click File > Import From > Excel/CSV File from MagicDraw main menu. The Excel Import dialog should open. Select the last option, Import Data from Excel and click OK. The Import Data from Excel wizard should open, see figure below. Click the button to browse and locate an Excel file you wish to import. Click

    Import Data from Excel wizard - step one - select Excel file

    ImportData from Excel wizard - step three - select a mapping

  2. Select the mapping you wish to use from the right hand side pane. Click

    ImportData from Excel wizard - step four - select a package

  3. In step four of the wizard, select a package from the right hand side pane and click .
  4. The result of the import will be as shown below. 

    Result of importing Excel file as SysML requirement


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