Excel Import Plugin 18.5 Documentation

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The Excel Import plugin of MagicDraw makes it easier to import and export your data. This plugin can automatically create a schema class for every header and an instance specification for every row of data imported from an Excel or CSV file. Once you have imported a schema class, you can map its properties with those of the target element or model in MagicDraw, view the mapped properties of a class mapping on a mapping diagram, and continue mapping the properties using the connectors.

The plugin also helps you export any instance specifications or mapped properties of the element in your project into .xls, xlsx, csv, or .txt file format. Step-by-step instructions to work with the Excel Import plugin in MagicDraw are after the description of the feature in the Import Data from Excel and Create Mapping dialog and other options provided in the wizard. You can open the dialog in MagicDraw by clicking the main menu File > Import From > Excel/CSV File.

The Import Data from Excel and Create Mapping dialog contains three menus:

  • Import Table Heading from Excel
  • Create Mapping
  • Import Data from Excel

This section explains what each menu can do and provides step-by-step instructions to help you import data as schema classes and its instance specifications, create a mapping diagram, and import data according to your mapping. As for the plugin's capability to export data to Excel or CSV format files, you can access it on the main menu in Magic Draw by clicking File > Export To > Excel/CSV File. At the end of this section, you can find some examples of how to export your data into an Excel or CSV file.

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