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To create an exceptional flow 

  1. Open the Use Case Specification window and click the Use Case Scenario property group.
  2. In the use case scenario, select the basic flow step for which you want to create an exceptional flow.
  3. In the Exceptional Flow tab, click the Add new button . The shortcut menu opens.
    Adding a new exceptional flow
  4. Do one of the following:

    • Select the Add New Exception Type command or press ALT+T. The drop down list opens. Type the name of a new exception type. The exception type is created, that is, a new class is created. The created exception type contains not named exceptional flow step.

    • Select the Add New Exceptional Flow Step command or press ALT+ENTER. If in the exceptional flow there was an exceptional type created already, a new exceptional flow step is created for the selected exception type. If in the alternative flow there was no an exception type, a new exceptional flow step is created together with a new exception type. Now you can type the name of the new exceptional flow step.

Types and steps of the exceptional flow are numbered automatically. Use buttons Up  and Down   to change the order of types in the exceptional flow or the order of steps in the particular type. In the Activity diagram, steps are represented according to the ordering in the Use Case scenario