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See the detailed descriptions of the dependency matrix toolbar buttons in the following table.

ButtonButton nameDescription
Back (Alt+Left)

Navigates back to the previous diagram that was open in the current diagram tab.

Forward (Atl+Right)

Navigates forward to the diagram in the current diagram tab.

Select in Containment Tree (Alt+B)

Opens the Containment tab in the Model Browser and select the current diagram or symbol in the Containment tree.

Delete (Ctrl+D)

Deletes the selected element from the matrix and model.

If you undo the deletion, you should refresh the matrix to make the deleted elements appear in the matrix again.

Remove From Matrix (Delete)

Removes the selected element from the matrix. The selected element is not removed from the model.

Change AxesTransposes rows and columns.
ExportExports a matrix as a Comma Separated Values ( .csv) file. The file can be opened with Microsoft Excel.
RefreshRefreshRefreshes the matrix after updating the criteria or data.
Fit in Window (Ctrl+W)Fits the matrix in the active window size.
Zoom 1:1 (Ctrl+Slash, Ctrl+NumPad /)Shows the actual size of the table.
Zoom In (Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+NumPad +, Ctrl+Equals)Enlarges the matrix maintaining aspect ratio.
Zoom Out (Ctrl+Minus, Ctrl+NumPad -)Reduces the matrix maintaining aspect ratio.
Percentage drop-down boxShows the ratio of size. Click to select the size ratio from the percentage list or enter the value.
Validate DiagramValidates the matrix against all validation rules stored in the model, except those that are ignored.

Expands the menu with other options.

  • Specification
  • Legend Location

Opens the matrix Specification window wherein you can specify matrix properties.
Lists legend location options and selection to not show it.

Suppress/Expand Criteria Area

Suppresses or expands the matrix Criteria area.


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