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After you have created a Use Case scenario, you can represent this scenario in an Activity diagram. See the following procedure describing how to represented the Use Case scenario in the Activity diagram and also how to turn on or off the automatic layout in the Activity diagram when representing the Use Case scenario.


To represent a Use Case scenario in an Activity diagram 

  1. Open the Use Case Specification window and click the Use Case Scenario property group.
  2. Click the Open Activity Diagram button . The Activity diagram opens with the Use Case scenario represented on it.

You need to reopen the Activity diagram every time after you made modifications to the Use Case scenario in the Specification window. Modifications to the Activity diagram whereon the Use Case scenario is represented appears in the textual Use Case scenario automatically.

For Use Cases having the read-only accessibility, the use Case Scenario cannot be represented on the Activity diagram.


In the Activity diagram, all symbols are layed out automatically every time the diagram is opened.

To leave symbols in the same place while opening the Activity diagram after modifying the Use Case scenario in the Specification window, change the Layout use case scenario activity diagram option value to false. You can find this option in the Project Options dialog, the General project options group.


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