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Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse (CEDW) is No Magic’s next generation repository for collaborative development and versioned storage of models. CEDW is envisioned and architected to provide significant future improvements in the areas of model-governance, model-analysis, and integration with third-party tools. But already the first release will bring tangible benefits to enterprise users:

  • Among the major new features is Role Based Access Control that enables efficient management of users’ access rights across the enterprise. Moreover, as distributed systems can be challenging to administer we have built a convenient web based administrative interface to CEDW. This provides a single way to manage user accounts, licensing, access control, LDAP integration, and SSL.
  • CEDW is designed from the ground up to support working with large models. In particular, the efficient delta-based protocol used when users commit and retrieve updates to a model will save time for users who access the repository through poor network connections.  Likewise, as the amount of data that is transmitted depends only on the size of a change being made, users who work on.


  • Offline mode is not supported. Once locally saved, a project cannot be committed to the server. However, it can be added to the server as a new project. 
  • A project cannot have read-write usages to other projects. Only the read-only usages can be established.
  • Used projects can be updated only manually.
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