MagicDraw 18.3 Documentation

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Released on: February 1, 2016

Open API Changes

MagicDraw is now compatible with Java 8 only. Java 7 is no longer supported.

Open API is available for:

  • Hyperlinks management
    Java class: com.nomagic.magicdraw.hyperlinks.HyperlinkUtils

  • UML elements management
    Java class: com.nomagic.uml2.ext.jmi.helpers.ModelHelper

  • Making custom tasks run in the background
    Java class: com.nomagic.magicdraw.task.BackgroundTaskRunner

  • Getting information about the license applied to MagicDraw
    Java class: com.nomagic.magicdraw.license.utils.LicenseUtils

Meta Model Changes

There are no changes.


Profile Changes

There are no changes.


File Format Changes

There are no changes.

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