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Transformations are usually used for converting models between different modeling domains. Transformations are named by the types of their source models and their destination models. These are the available transformations:

  • Any to Any. This transformation copies all your model or part of it to another package without making any changes. You can also remap types in the destination model by applying some type mapping rules.
  • Profile Migration. Helper transformation for migrating models using one profile to models using another profile (usually - between different versions of the same profile - old and new).

UML to SQL(Generic/Oracle), SQL to UML, UML to XML Schema, XML Schema to UML transformations are available with the separately-installed Cameo Data
Modeler plugin (which comes free of charge with MagicDraw Architect and Enterprise Editions and is separately purchseable for MagicDraw Standard and
Professional editions).

Additional custom types of transformations can be defined by MagicDraw plugins.


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