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The term "symbol" means a visual representation of some model elements in the diagram. Symbols are subdivided into shapes and paths (lines in the model, for displaying various relationships).

Symbol properties

Every symbol may have its own style: color, font, size, and so forth. Symbol properties may be defined for the concrete symbol, for all symbol of one element, or according to the diagram type.

You may define the symbol properties in the following ways:

  • In the Symbol Properties dialog.
  • In the Symbol tab on the Properties panel at the bottom of the Model Browser.
  • In the Project Options dialog. Using this dialog you can change all available symbol properties, create your own style for the project, apply different symbol properties for different diagrams, define stereotype properties that may be bound to the symbol, and more.
  • On the diagram toolbar. Using this toolbar you can change the color, font, path style of a symbol, and paste the symbol properties.
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