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In this section you will find the description on how to nest a Part to another Part in the Composite Structure diagram. Until MagicDraw version 17.0.2, nesting of parts was not available if a Part was a property of an Association, that is, if the Part represented the Association End.

If a classifier has an association connection with another classifier, the Association End in the classifier is referenced as a property. In a Composite Structure diagram, a Part is representation of a property. So the Part can represent the property that is an Association end too. If the Association End is composite, parts are represented in a nested structure.

Example of part movement in Composite Structure diagram and results representation in Class diagram

See an example in the preceding figure. In the Class diagram, the Class FuelTankAssembly is connected with the Class FuelInjector with the composite Association. In the Composite Structure diagram, the same Association is represented in the following way: the Part with the type FuelInjector is nested into the Part with the type FuelTankAssembly. By dragging and dropping the Part with FuelInjector to the Part with the CombustionEngine, changes the Association in the Class diagram - the FuelInjector will be connected with the CombustionEngine.


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