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The Teamwork Cloud server supports the offline modeling providing an ability:

  • To work with the project (read/edit) when a connection to the server is not available.
  • To save intermediate changes locally (privately), and commit changes to the server when it is required.
  • To save time by saving changes locally, as this it is much faster than committing directly to the server.

In the offline project, you can:

  • Edit elements that are locked by a current user.
  • Edit element symbols of elements  that are locked by a current user.
  • Create new elements/diagrams in the model.
  • Review a project structure (used projects), project options and styles.
  • Save changes locally.
  • Use a local project (if permissions allow).

When the connection is established, you are able to commit and/or update project changes and lock/unlock project elements.

You  should save the online project locally to make it an offline project.


To save an online project locally

  1. Open a server project.
  2. From the main menu, select one of the following:
    • CollaborateSaves Changes Locally.
    • File > Save.

The project is saved to the user home directory. Pay attention, this is not a local copy of a server project!  All user locks are permissions are saved within the project, so offline project can be committed to the server later.