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In the second step of the wizard, the Transformation Source tree displays all project data, i.e. the packages and their inner elements, that can be selected as a transformation source. Transformation will take the selected elements as input data.

Select the Place transformation model in package option button to specify the package into which the source will be transformed. Click the ... button to display the Destination Package dialog. Select an existing package from the Packages tree or create a new one.

Select the  Transform in place  option button, if you want the source model to be edited.

If you choose the in-place transformation, the model part selected as the transformation source, will be edited directly, and you will not retain your original model. So, please, be careful with this option.

If you choose the destination package, the source model will be copied to it and the transformation will be performed on this copy. Hence you will retain your source model and get a resulting model and traces will be established between elements in these model parts.

The following operations are available in the  Select source/destination window:

BackReturn to the previous dialog box.
NextProceed to the next step (in this case, Select type mappings).

Finish the transformation configuration. All other options will be set by default.

The Model Transformations Wizard exits and transformation results appear in the project.


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