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Released on: October 10, 2016




In this release No Magic has performed several critical bug fixes and updated MagicDraw to support Apple's most recent Mac OS X (Sierra) release.


Key Issues Fixed in this Service Pack


  • Issues concerning nested modules were resolved. That includes CorbaIDLValue inheritance, qualified names for Interface Realizations, wrong multiplicity after a reverse and consecutive single line comments. 
  • For projects where custom local and TWCloud server projects are already used, an exception no long appears in the Use Local Projects dialog if a local project is selected. 
  • Navigation to element URL from Microsoft applications is fixed: MagicDraw starts and element is activated without errors.
  • In State Machine or Activity diagrams, the guard language is no longer reset after the guard body has been edited directly in the diagram pane.
  • In Use Case diagrams, internal errors no longer appear when creating an Extend relation and then an Extension Point.

OS Related

  • MagicDraw will now correctly start when users upgrade to Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra


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