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Projects can be added to Teamwork Server in one of the following ways:


To create a project in Teamwork Server from scratch

  1. From the Collaborate menu, choose Projects.
  2. Click the Add button. The Add Server Project dialog opens.
  3. Type a new project name.
  4. Either select an existing category or type a new category name.
  5. Click OK.

    Add Server Projects dialog


To add a local project to Teamwork Server

  1. Log in to Teamwork Server.

  2. Open the project you want to add to Teamwork Server.

  3. From the Collaborate menu, choose Add Project to Server. The Add Project to the Server dialog opens.

    Add Project to the Server dialog

  4. Enter different name of the project for the Teamwork Server, if there is such need.

  5. Either select an existing category or type a new category name.

  6. Type your comments about the project.

  7. If you need  to enter more details about the project, then click Options . The dialog extends with the  Version Tags  and Local Projects  tabs.

    • To add a tag, click Add. The Enter Tag dialog appears, wherein you can type the tag for your project version.
    • If your project uses some local projects, the Local Projects tab lists all that projects used in the project you are adding to the server. You can change used projects names on the Server. From the Action drop-down list, select what do you want to do with local used projects when adding a project to Teamwork Server:
      • Add to Server adds the whole selected used project to Teamwork Server. Select a used project name on the server from the Name on Server drop-down list or type a new one.
      • Leave as Local Project leaves the selected used project on a local workstation.

        Standard profiles provided by the modeling tool can take only this action.

      • Use Server Project uses a local used project or its branch from Teamwork Server. You can select the whole used project (trunk) or a branch.
  8. Click the Add button. 


Watch this demo to get familiar with adding projects to Teamwork Server.


To create server projects in IDE integration

  1. Start a new project in the IDE integration you are working on. The New Project Wizard dialog opens.
    New Project Wizard
  2. Select Teamwork model and click the  button to login to Teamwork Server.

  3. After log in, select an existing project or add a new one. The model from IDE source will be updated in the selected project. Click Next.

  4. Specify integration properties and click Finish. The server project opens in the modeling tool.


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