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A Component represents all kinds of elements that make up the system. A Component can always be considered as an autonomous unit within a system or subsystem. It is a module having the following features:

  • A Component is a replaceable and independent part of the system performing a specific action.
  • A Component acts in a context of a well-defined architecture.
  • Components interact among each other using Interfaces.

Components provides compartments for listing its provided and required Interfaces, realizations, and artifacts.

An example of a Component

A Component can be specified by changing its property values in the Component Specification window. Each property is described in the description area on this window.


To show/hide the interfaces, realizations, and artifacts on the Component’s shape, do one of the following

  • On the diagram, right-click the Component’s shape and then from the shortcut menu, select Symbol Properties. In the Symbol Properties dialog, set the Suppress Interfaces, Suppress Realizations, or Suppress Artifacts property values to true or  false.
  • On the diagram, click the Component’s shape and then click the Compartments button . Then in the menu, click to select or clear the Interfaces, Realizations, or Artifacts check box.


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