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You can configure the server properties in the and wrapper.conf files manually.

The procedure is valid for Windows only us other operation systems store configuration files and projects in the installation directory by default.

 To store configurations and projects in the Teamwork Server installation directory

  1. Stop Teamwork Server.
  2. Open the <Teamwork Server installation directory>\ file.
  3. In the JAVA_ARGS line, add the argument -DWINCONFIG\=false and save the file.
  4. Do the same changes in,, and files.
  5. Open the <Teamwork Server installation directory>\service\conf\wrapper.conf file. 

    wrapper.conf file configuration

    Do not modify any of the properties when an application using this configuration file has been installed as a service or daemon. Please uninstall the service before modifying this file. The service must then be reinstalled.

  6. Locate property name, and in the next line add the argument and save the file.
  7. Start Teamwork Server.
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