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There are several ways to customize the symbol style of stereotyped elements.

To extend UML symbol styles by creating new styles for stereotyped elements

  1. In the Project Options dialog, expand the Stereotypes property group (Stereotypes is under the Symbol styles group). The list of stereotypes appears.
  2. Select the desired stereotype and click the Apply button. 
  3. In the Select Diagrams dialog, select the diagram to include the Stereotypes property group. Click OK after the selection.

    Customized style

    Your customized style will be used only in diagrams of a type you have selected.
  4. In the open Select Properties to Apply dialog, select properties you want to apply and click OK.

    Quick search

    Use the Quick search feature to find a desired property.

  5. Set the stereotype style properties in the options list of  the Project Options dialog. After you finish, click OK.

The best practice is to create styles for stereotypes in the Profile, loading it as a project. When a project uses the Profile, styles for stereotypes will also be loaded and used. These styles will be applied right after applying the stereotype to an element and will be used in all diagrams.

Style for stereotype in custom diagram

  • The custom diagram wizard allows specifying styles for stereotyped elements.

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