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You can represent paths among shapes when those shapes are already displayed on the diagram pane. Note that a minimum of two shapes must be displayed on the diagram pane to display paths between them. This functionality is useful when trying to visualize relationships that are created between elements in the model, but are not displayed on the diagram pane. The following procedure and example describe how to display paths among shapes.


To display paths among shapes

  1. Select a diagram frame or any number of shapes on the diagram pane.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click to open the shortcut menu, and select Display > Display Paths.
    • On the diagram toolbar, click Display and select Display Paths.
    • On the main menu, click the Analyze > Display Paths.

      All paths among shapes are displayed on the diagram pane. If you select one shape, all paths among the selected shape and other shapes on the diagram pane are displayed. If you select a particular number of shapes, paths are displayed only between those selected shapes.


      The paths won't be displayed if:
             - The selected shape doesn't have any relationships with the shapes displayed on the diagram.
             - All paths are already displayed on the diagram pane.


      This example presents the workflow on representing the paths between shapes on the diagram pane when they are already created in the model.

      The Class shapes without any paths between them are represented in the Room infrastructure model Class diagram. In this case, paths between those classes exist in the Containment tree under the Relations node (see the figure below).

      If you want to visualize how the Workplace Class is related with other shapes displayed on the diagram pane, you can do so easily by using the Display Paths command. One way to reach this command is from the shortcut menu of the selected shape (see the figure below).

      After selecting the Display Paths command, all paths between the Workflow Class and other shapes on the diagram pane are displayed (see the figure below). The diagram shows that the Room consists of between one and an arbitrary number of Workplaces. The Workplace consists of Electric Extension and Works Station. Also, the Workplace can contain Duplex Power Outlet, External HDD2, Digital Camera, and External_HDD.



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