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In addition to default document templates, Report Wizard allows you to create customized specification document templates. Templates may contain your own custom fields not related to model elements, as well as fields that correspond to model elements. Once customized, a Report Wizard template can be used with data from any project.

You can also format your template to create the style you want including tables of contents, headers and footers, and page numbers. You can apply most character and paragraph formatting available from your rtf editor for the rtf template or specify with html tags in the HTML template, including keywords. Once the template has been completed, you can run Report Wizard to create a report in a format that corresponds to the template.

Report Wizard templates can be in txt, rtf, html, odt, odf, odp, docx, xlsx, pptx, and xml for DocBook or FO files. If you prefer, you can work in Report Wizard Template Editor until you have finished the template file and use the Report Wizard template windows to save it in the template folder. The default templates are located in the <MagicDraw home>/plugins/com.nomagic.magicdraw.reportwizard/data folder.

All built-in rtf report templates are combined into the RTF (depreciated) report template category.

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