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In order to import the content of a used project into your project, you need to have an Administer Project permission assigned.

If you no longer need to keep a part of the model in the used project, you can import the content of that used project into your project. After the import, all the elements of the used project are copied to the main project. The inner structure of the used project is included into the project as a package.

Standard/system profiles, such as UML_Standard_Profile.mdzip, cannot be imported.


To import the contents of a used project into your project

  1. Lock the used project.
  2. In the same dialog, click the Edit button and then select Import.
    Selecting to import of the used project
  3. In the Import dialog, choose how do you want to import the elements of the used project: with new IDs or with old.
  4. If you receive a message asking to commit changes made in your project before the import, click Yes.
  5. Wait while the import completes.
  6. Note that the imported project no longer appears in the Project Usages dialog.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog.

The imported project also disappears from the package Project Usages in the Model Browser, and a new package named after the imported project appears under the root package in the Model Browser. If the imported project uses other projects, these projects become directly used in your project.

A used project, after it is imported to the contents of your project, continues existing in Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) repository.

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