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A Legend is a model element used to define different styles of diagram symbols. It allows you to visually group the symbols displayed in a diagram using the style defined for particular Legend Items. You may create a unique style for each Legend Item by specifying its adornment properties (e.g., fill color, text color and custom icons). Legend Items may be applied either to specific model elements or the elements that meet a defined condition. When you modify the adornment of a Legend Item, the affected diagram symbols are automatically updated.

For more information about working with legends, see the following pages:

The Risk and Status legends used in a Requirement Diagram.

Useful tips

  • You may create multiple Legends in one diagram.
  • You may apply multiple Legend Items to one model element.
  • Since Legends are model elements, they may be used in multiple diagrams. To reuse a Legend in another diagram, simply drag it from the model browser to the diagram in which you want to use it.
Sample model

The model used in the figures of this page is the Legends sample model that comes with SysML plugin. To open this model do one of the following:

  • Download legends.mdzip.
  • Open the model from the <modeling tool installation directory>\samples\SysML directory.
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